“Working with us: A better building experience. A better building process.”

Knowing how things work and how we work is an important part of your experience with us. That’s why we use a defined process to meet with you, create our plans, come up with estimates, and get ready to start work. Here’s how it works:


Kickoff Meeting

We meet with you to discuss your project goals, the timeline, and your budget. If you complete the steps in Getting Started, you’ll be completely prepared for this meeting.


Meeting 2 – Rough Estimate

We’ll present you with a rough estimate of the costs for your project and a design proposal, ad red. During this meeting, we’ll also refine the scope of work if necessary to accommodate your budget. We will also review initial sketch, delete red require an initial deposit to proceed with design planning.


Meeting 3 – Preliminary Drawings

We present our preliminary drawings so you can begin to see what your project will look like. We make changes based on your feedback and will begin to discuss specific products like appliances, cabinets, fixtures, etc.


Meeting 4 – Pre-Construction

This is the last meeting before construction begins. We present final drawings for your approval and make any necessary changes. At this meeting, you’ll sign a final proposal, approve a final timetable and pay a deposit on the project. After this meeting, we apply for all permits necessary for the project. Once we receive our permits, construction begins!